7 Steps for Product Development



April 28, 2020

There is an entire process from an initial sample through to production, when you are working with a factory. Preparation is key to ensure the timelines are met and the end result is as expected.

Here is a simple overview
1. Create your initial design with a clear idea of how you want the product to look
2. Develop the technical specifications that will guide the manufacturer and help them to understand your requirements
3. Find the right manufacturer for your product
4. Get your initial sample made and revert with feedback for any modifications required
5.You may need to remake the sample up to two times before you are happy to approve for production.
6.Once all the comments ,fits,fabrics,trims etc are approved you can request Pre Production Sample ( also known as PP sample)
7. The Production sample is the finished product with correct labelling, tags, packaging etc.. and represents the finished product that you will sell.
What process do you follow to develop your products?

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