‘How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything”: A Guiding Principle in the World of Fashion Buying



July 26, 2023

''How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything'': A Guiding Principle in the World of Fashion Buying

“How you do anything, is how you do everything” is an old saying that has been well quoted. This idea has been used across various training workshops, motivational speeches, as well as many books and publications.

Essentially, the quote means that your typical approach to dealing with problems, handling situations and overcoming challenges can tell a lot about how you handle most things in your life. While i think this may not apply to all areas of your life i believe here is some truth in this saying. It is possible to see this at work. How someone shows up and works tends to translate to other areas of their life. The role of a fashion buyer is a delicate dance between design & product development, negotiation skills and decision-making, trend analysis and commercial nous.

As a fashion buyer, this quote can apply as a guiding principle that shapes success and how we show up in the role. Here are some examples of this in practise


Consistency is a fundamental trait that defines the way one approaches tasks, makes decisions, and executes plans. In the context of fashion buying, consistency is reflected in staying updated with industry trends, conducting thorough research, and maintaining a strong network of suppliers and contacts. A successful fashion buyer will consistently monitors their target consumer preferences, emerging trends, and market shifts to make informed purchasing decisions that align with the brand’s identity. A Buyer who meticulously evaluates design detail, fabric textures, stitching, and product quality in their purchasing decisions is likely to approach other aspects of their life with the same level of thoroughness.

Decision-Making and Attention to Detail:

Fashion buyers make multiple decisions every day that impact the success of the business ,one week, or one month or even 6 months from now. Every choice a fashion buyer makes, whether it’s developing a new range, analysing sales or negotiating prices with suppliers, reflects their decision-making approach. The way a buyer manages seemingly minor decisions can mirror how they handle more significant ones. A fashion buyer who studies prepares and analyzes information before finalising buying choices, no matter how small, is likely to bring the same meticulousness to high-stakes decisions. For instance, when evaluating potential collections, a fashion buyer who pays attention to the intricate details like stitching quality, color consistency, and sizing accuracy demonstrates their commitment to excellence. This meticulousness in evaluating the finer aspects can translate into better overall product quality and customer satisfaction.


Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, and successful fashion buyers are need to be adaptable and open to change. Their ability to swiftly adjust strategies based on market shifts and customer preferences reflects a mindset that embraces change in all aspects of life. A fashion buyer who can switch gears when a trend unexpectedly takes off can possibly also navigate personal challenges with a similar adaptable spirit.

Relationships and Collaboration:

In the world of fashion buying, successful outcomes often hinge on effective collaboration and relationship-building. The way a buyer interacts with suppliers, designers, and colleagues echoes their approach to professional relationships in general. Just as open communication, mutual respect, and trust are essential in any partnership, they are equally crucial in the intricate web of fashion buying relationships.

A fashion buyer who cultivates strong connections with suppliers and maintains transparent communication demonstrates their commitment towards developing lasting partnerships. In the long term these relationships can lead to stronger understanding , builds trust , and a more seamless buying process.


Integrity and Ethics:

Ethical considerations play a significant role in all businesses not just fashion buying.  Professionals who uphold high ethical standards in their career are likely to extend the same principles to their personal lives. Fashion businesses who source products responsibly and ensure fair labor and manufacturing practices may also be dedicated to sustainable living and ethical consumer choices outside of work.


In conclusion the quote “how you do anything, is how you do everything” serves as a reminder of the connection between our actions and attitudes across various domains of life. In the context of a fashion buying career , this principle underscores the importance of consistency, mindfulness, and integrity. Whether evaluating fabric quality or making life decisions, the approach we adopt in our professional lives can indeed reflect our broader approach to life as a whole.


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